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Patrick Chernus is an adman; he has worked in the field of advertising since he completed studies in Architecture at the ETH in Zurich.


He knows how to present and sell products. Nevertheless, while travelling, he became frustrated at how advertising was omnipresent: on buses and trams on city streets and in transit. It created a barrier between him and his environment.

Then, gradually, he discovered that a picture taken on his phone through the perforated films transformed the scene beyond it. He has been gathering these images over several years - a selection of small and medium-scale prints show cities in a new light.

From the outside of vehicles, advertising is multi-coloured. Sometimes it works, engaging and entertaining passers-by, sometimes it looks crude and unsophisticated. From within and close-up it is a mesh with circular holes that make scenes abstract; the mesh is sharp and textured, while the scene beyond becomes unclear, impressionistic. Light rays are crystallised, the greys and browns of the city merge, interrupted by the fluorescent green-yellow of emergency vehicles.  

Patrick does not call himself a photographer, but he is an insider who has found a new viewpoint. His work has been compared with that of the Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, as it echoes Lichtenstein’s dotted graphic style, which in turn referred to the Ben-Day dots printing process, an inexpensive method used in pulp fiction in the 1950s and 60s. In truth, Chernus is turning Lichtenstein’s found technique on its head; not referring to the application of print, but to its absence. But he too is working with found objects, exploiting contingent circumstances.

One of Chernus’ first exhibitions was entitled ‘#nofilter’ - today we understand that #nofilter means an image could not be improved upon. It is a recent addition to the lexicon, and implies both that images are communicated continually through social media and the expectation that many photographs we encounter are digitally enhanced. Chernus’ unfiltered images make the filter their subject, finding the aesthetic in adversity. 



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125SF Gallery
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The Trace Gallery
Rio Kawaguchi, Zurich
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